Study programme

First-circle studies graduate – During the study course, the student will gain credible, crucial knowledge in the field of general, inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry. On this basis, the broadly-understood technological knowledge will be developed, which covers the fundamental elements of chemical technology as well as inorganic, organic and electrochemical technology, which will be supplemented by engineering subjects (engineering graphics, materials and machine science, chemical engineering and process equipment). This diversified and attractive didactic offer will allow students to gain both theoretical (lectures and exercises) and practical (laboratory courses and projects) knowledge.

Second-circle studies graduate – after obtaining the title of Master of Science Engineer, the graduate will be prepared to carry out studies, develop and enhance chemical technology processes and to conduct basic tasks in professional practice, including: technological research, development of a chemical concept of a given process, development of a technological concept of a given process, realization of the process, modernisation of technological processes, development of technologies in cooperation with specialists from other fields, implementation of the processes and products into practice, environmental safety and protection. The graduate will be prepared to undertake third-circle studies – doctoral studies. A candidate for studies in this field should possess the skills and interest in science and life sciences (mathematics, chemistry, physics, information technologies, biology). The candidate should also display predispositions for conducting laboratory labour and solving technical issues, both in terms of development as well as their application and exploitation.


Study programmes

Bachelor cycle - Chemical Technology


Master cycle - Composites and Nanomaterials